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Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

BLENDED LEARNING is combining face to face online education classroom methods with the strategy creates a more integrated approach for both instructors and students.
Benefit of blended learning
  Like any other great blend, education elements believes blended learning works, because it combines in a way that makes each better than they are on their own. Teacher’s talent and technology tools. Blended learning allows teachers to do what they do bestwork directly and closely with individual student and small groupby harnessing the adaptive power and precision of technology.
The best blended learning approaches use technology to :
  Help student master the content and skill they need.
  Allow teacher to get the most out of their planning and instructional time, and
  Streamline operation with costs similar to-or less than-traditional schooling.
·         Increased what student learned
·         Make independent learning, useful, growing flexibility in scheduling
·         Computer and internet access are rare in the small village.
·         Limited knowledge in the use of technology study
So, with there are blended learning, can free seek knowledge directly ( face to face with online ) and blended learning changing the way we learn in the future.

    Example Picture :

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