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Senin, 24 Juni 2013

Cooperative Learning

“Cooperative Learning”

Students work together in small groups and learn through interaction with each other while the teacher coaches the process.
5 Major Phases
  1. Organize student teams with clearly defined roles
  2. Facilitate team activities, including academic learning, social skills & cooperative behavior
  3. Assess student knowledge throughout the process and/or by team presentations
  4. Recognize both group & individual efforts such as active participation and taking responsibility for learning
Phase 1:  Goals, Hook & Introduction
ž  The 3 instructional goals of cooperative learning are:
1.     Academic achievement,
2.    Tolerance and acceptance of diversity, and
3.    Development of social skills
ž  Consider how you will communicate these goals in your introduction
Phase 2:  Teams and Roles
ž  Organize materials, learning experiences and small group activities by paying attention to 4 key features:
1.     Form heterogeneous teams
2.    How students will work together in small groups (Student Teams, Jigsaw, Group Investigation, Think-Pair-Share)
3.    How behavior and results will be recognized or rewarded
4.    Realistic time estimate

Cooperative Learning Roles May Include

ž  Group recorder
ž  Materials collector
ž  Reporter
ž  Final copy scribe
ž  Illustrator           
ž  Timekeeper
ž  Cheerleader/      Facilitator
ž  Monitor
ž  Messenger
Phase 3:  Facilitate learning, social skills & cooperative learning

ž  Help with Transitions
ž  Teach Cooperation
  Task Interdependence
  Social Skills
     Sharing Skills
     Participation Skills
  Communication Skills
  Group Skills
     Team Building
  Teaching Social and Group Skills

Phase 4:  Assess Throughout and/or with Presentations

ž  Test Academic Learning
ž  Assess Cooperation
ž  Grade Cooperative Learning
ž  Recognize Cooperative Effort

Phase 5:  Recognize Group & Individual Efforts

ž  Find ways to highlight group presentations by displaying results prominently in room.
ž  Maybe invite guests to hear final reports.
ž  Consider summarizing results through newsletters or other forums.
ž  Each individual makes some kind of unique contribution – highlight those.
During today’s activities
ž  Look for ways the learning experiences could be adapted for your students into cooperative learning activities
ž  Choose 1 representative to record ideas for each of the 5 phases

ž  Be prepared to share these ideas with the rest of us.

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