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Jumat, 28 Juni 2013

Lexical approach

                               lexical approach

Lexical approach is understanding vocabulary ideas of grammar in language structure with lexis in learning and in communication.
Teaching technique
}  The student must learn vocabulary.
}  Students should  known the grammatical structure of language.
}  Teacher explain about collocation until student how to use vocabulary in collocation.

“Why collocation the focus in the EFL/ESL classroom teaching?”
  Because collocation is arbitrary and unpredictable.
  Ying and Hendriks (2004) show to your study EFL learners have a poor mastery of the collocation.
Purpose :
It is based on the idea that an important part of language acquisition is the ability to comprehend and produce lexical phrases an unanalyzed whole or “chunks” and that these chunk become the raw data by which learners perceive patterns, of language traditionally thought of as grammar.
Produce :
Hill (2000) suggests that classroom procedures involve :
a)      Teaching individual collocation
b)      Making students aware of collocation
c)      Extending what students already know by adding knowledge of collocation restrictions to know vocabulary
d)       Storing collocations through encouraging students to keep a lexical notebook.

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