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Jumat, 28 Juni 2013


Kamis, 27 Juni 2013



ž  Is when research observed that language teachers time might be profitably spent in learning training. Such suggestion led to the idea of learning strategy training. Training students in the use of learning strategies in order to improve  their learning effectiveness.

Reading strategies

ž  Skimming is read quickly only to find out what the main idea of the text.

We uses the think-aloud    technique in this concept :

ž  To do first is read title.

ž  Read the first paragraph. But we don’t read every word. Let our eyes skim it very quickly, just picking out what we think are the main ideas.

ž  When we read through the first paragraph quickly and don’t read every word, skip those if we don’t know the meaning of. See what we can learn about the main idea of the reading in this way.

ž  Don’t use dictionary.

The benefits of this concept :

ž  The benefit of learning strategy training is that it can help learners to continue to learn after they have completed their formal study to be more effective in learning the target language

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